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  • 14 April 2021
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Dear person in charge,


Hello, This is Munseok Choe. I am visiting researcher in ITER Organization. I am using ZEMAX to simulate Quasi-optical Gaussian beam propagation in mirror system. My license information is attached in below.

To make Gaussian beam as a source in non-sequence mode. I used Gaussiansource.dll in Source.DLL option. However, It can only generate the ray with random sampling. It disturb measuring exact value of power density on detector. Could you explain why sobal sampling is not available? Thank you.


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2 replies

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Dear Choe,

You may want to remove your licence information from your original post. People at Zemax will know whether you are eligible for support based on your MyZemax user account (they can access the very page you've shown in the screenshot), and someone might try to steal this licence from you since it is almost a public forum.

Usually, when Sobol sampling is grayed out, it is because it hasn't been implemented. I cannot see the source code of that DLL, and I'm not even sure if DLLs have a Random, and Sobol sampling mode built-in option. However, if you code the source yourself, you should be able to make the Sobol sampling.

Could you elaborate on why it is distrubing the measurement of power density on your detector?

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Hi Chloe

David is correct. Sobol sampling is not available for Source DLLs at the moment. I can send you the code if you need.

Thank you David for your help :-)