How to setup Visual Studio Code (or other open source IDE) to compile a DLL for Zemax

  • 24 August 2020
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As stated in the title I need to compile my own DLLs for my system.

I don't have access to Visual studio or Visual Studio community, and in general, I try to work as much as possible with open source solutions.

Can somebody help me to set up an environment to compile a DLL with free and open source IDE and compiler? Ideally Visual Studio Code.

I'm working on Windows 10 x64.


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Hi Michele,

We have an article that explains how to compile a DLL with Visual Studio: How to compile a User-Defined DLL.

When compiling with a different compiler, it shouldn't be much different so the instructions are still relevant. The main point is to use a 64bit compiler. For example, I did a private training where we used Dev-CPP.

Let us know if you need help on a specific point.