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Dear all,


I have a macro code and works fine but couldn’t save the text files. Here is part of macro code that I am using the commands to save the data.




fileNameHMF$ = folderPath$ + "hmf"+ index1Str$+".txt"


Gettextfile fileNameHMF$, "Hmf", settingFile1$, 1



I used to work on this macro code on another desktop. However, when I switched to other desktop the macro code runs but doesn’t save the txet files. Please anyone have an idea!

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Did you update the folderPath$ when switching to the new desktop? Maybe you are trying to save to a local folder that does not exist on this machine? 

Yes @Sean Turner,  but still doesn’t save the text data



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My best guess is that your new machine doesn’t have permissions to write to that folder. I’d write a macro that just prints ‘Hello World’ to a text file and make sure that runs OK with the file location specified. - Mark