Is there a list of ZPL reserved terms, such as....

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Is there a list of ZPL reserved terms, such as.…



I know that these are not high priority terms like the optimization operands, but they are useful when crafting output text.    Others might be PATH,  and some of the System Parameters.


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Anything that’s in the docs is presumably reserved. I think the editor now uses color syntax coding, so if the editor highlights your variable name in the same color as a keyword or function you should know about it straight away.

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@Mark.Nicholson :   Perhaps I should not have used the term “reserved words”.  I see that it is confusing the issue. 

What i am trying to get is a list of terms, that reflect either system-status , or file related status,  like the examples i came up with.     THey are not the traditional optimization operands,  or surface related data.  




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Hey James,

The Help Files have all the macro words.  They are classified in 3 categories:

  • Numeric Functions (light blue/green)
    • These are “getting” commands which retrieve information from the system but do not change it.  They are always 4 letter function names with open/closed parentheses
  • Keywords (brownish)
    • These are “setting” commands that actually change the system.  They are different lengths and are always followed by at least 1 input value (the first input value is separated by a space, all subsequent input values are separated by a comma)
  • String Keywords (purple)
    • These always start a $ and always operate on string literals (with double quotes) or string variables (variables ending with $)

Sometimes it’s difficult to find ZPL commands in the CHM (searchable) Help Files, so what I like to do is open the PDF Help Files in Chrome/Edge, use the Print function to save a subset of the PDF for only the ZPL portion, and then to use this smaller PDF to help write my ZPL macro.  The page numbers will vary based on which version of the Help Files you use but it should be around 200 pages of ZPL Help.