Exporting volume detector data

  • 16 March 2021
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I'm quite new to Zemax and was wondering if someone could assist me with processing some volume detector data. 



I'm currently trying to reconstruct some data from the volume detector and display it in 3D using the Voxel Maker macro. However, the process tends to be quite slow and often crashes with large models. 



I've written a Matlab script that will pass a binary array and compute the 3D voxelization. However, I need a way of exporting all of the detector cross-sections from Zemax, so that they can be passed by the script. 



Does anyone know of a way I can do this? I know I can save the individual images seperately within the detector viewer, however, these images will contain the legend and axis titles. It will also be very time-consuming doing this for 100+ cross-sections. 



Any help would be greatly appreciated! 









Here's the link to the macro I was using for reference:  



How to show Detector Volume data in 3-D · MyZemax






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Hi @Callum.Vidler,

Sorry about the delay in a response to your question. In case it is still relevant or for the benefit of others:

One option you could use is the ZOS-API. Matlab is able to retrieve volumetric data directly from OpticStudio through the IA_ZOSAPI.Analysis.I_Analyses.New_DetectorViewer. Using the ZOSAPI.Analysis.Settings.RayTracing.IAS_DetectorViewer interface, you can change a number of settings for the analysis including the Z-Plane cross-sectional data.

If you are new to the API, this would be a great webinar to start with: MATLAB & ZOS-API - webinar – Knowledgebase (