How do I make a cylindrical detector?

  • 2 March 2020
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Although there is no a “Cylindrical Detector” object in Non-Sequential, there are several workarounds to make it, since most objects may act like a detector (To make any objects a detector, choose "Object Is A Detector" from the Type tab of the Object Properties dialog box). Once the object is set to be a detector, the intensity detected will be displayed on the Shaded Model display, and on the text listing tab of the Detector Viewer window.

There is a Cylinder Pipe object in OpticStudio but it cannot be used as a detector because the curves of the object are modelled exactly within OS—the curves are not approximated by facets. Only objects which are faceted can be used as detectors. But there are some alternative object types that all have a faceted representation and so would work as a detector:

Find attached a sample file that shows both possibilities 

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I have a toroidal lens and need to have a detector adjacent to it. Following the suggestion above, I added a toroidal surface and made it a detector in the properties tab.

However, the detector viewer does not recognize this detector so it cannot be used. What am I missing?