Envision 2020 Workshop: Licensing (Ask an Expert)

  • 6 October 2020
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This forum thread should be used to continue the discussion from the Envision 2020 workshop, Licensing (Ask an Expert).

Presenter: Don Dickinson

Abstract: In this session we will go over the various Zemax license types and features, discuss license management in MyZemax, and review some the most common license-related issues. After that, we will have an open discussion and field questions from the audience.

You can also find the Envision 2020 LinkedIn group here.

3 replies

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Greeting, and thanks to everyone who joined us. I am attaching the slide deck from the presentation in case you want to review it or get to any of the informational or troubleshooting links. 

Feel free to reply in this thread if you have any licensing or Myzemax general questions. If you are having troubles with accessing your license or  Myzemax, open a support case or contact your account manager. 


Don D

Dear all, 

I have send my license from one laptop to other by using an email that is not the one I have in my.zemax, and now I can not receive the license in the second laptop because the Zemax License Manager pops up an error saying 'You are not authorized to use this key'. 

What shall I do to make it works?

Thanks in advance and best regards,



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Ana - I have replied to you email request already, but wanted to post here in case anyone else encounters this error. For you, just be sure to login when prompted with the academic email address associated with the license when receiving the transfer.

For others, that error can means that you aren't listed as an 'end user' of the license you are trying to use, transfer or activate. Typically you just need the LIcense Administrator to make you end user of the license. This error is covered is several troubleshooting articles. 

How to troubleshoot softkey license issues


Resolving network license issues on client machines


Solving softkey activation or transfer errors