Envision 2020 Workshop: Image Simulation

  • 6 October 2020
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This forum thread should be used to continue the discussion from the Envision 2020 workshop, Image Simulation.

Presenter: Shawn Gay

Abstract: Image Simulation is an extremely powerful tool to generate a simulated final image for evaluating the imaging quality of a lens system. Due to its complex nature, it's not easy to get all the settings correct. In this talk let's dive into what’s happening behind the screen and the correct way of simulating a proper image.

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2 replies

Hi everyone!


Here is a link to the Knowledgebase article by Mark Nicholson on Image Simulation mentioned during the presentation and Q&A.


Hi Nick,


Is there a way to reach you for help on my use of Zemax for GRIN simulations? I have read the manual, watched several videos and attended some webinars as well but I still need someone to put me through a couple of steps. Ill be grateful if you can assist.