Another Zemax Staffer introduction :)

  • 6 August 2021
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My name is Kats Ikeda, and I am the Regional Customer Success Manager for the APAC region for the Zemax Customer Success Division. 

I’ve been with Zemax for a little over two years, initially as Principal Optical Engineer. Before joining Zemax, I worked for a plastic lens manufacturing company and designed a vast array of optical systems, such as cell phone lenses, automotive headlamps, backlight displays, HMD prisms, micro lens diffusers, laser scanning units, and telecommunication lenses. So, safe to say you can ask me about a lot of things. 

In my spare time, I made a website about optical design. I write about the basics of optical design, not so much how to use software.

Yes, even my hobby involves optics and lens design, so I have been bit by the optics bug pretty hard. It must have been radioactive.

Apart from optics, I have a young family in Japan. I love to prepare food for my children, and love it even more when they enjoy it. 

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