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  • 11 March 2021
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I recently downloaded OpticsStudio on my Windows bootcamp but I almost always get a pop-up window before opening OpticsStudio saying 'Key is not working properly' and it then doesn't allow me to open the program. I've correctly installed everyhting and even managed to open OpticStudio twice without isssues but for some reason this problem with the key keeps reoccuring. 

It's extremly frustrating as it completely delays my course projects. 

Really hope someone can help me out.




Best answer by Don Dickinson 17 June 2021, 18:39

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5 replies

Hello, Did you resolve this, I have the same issue?


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Hello there!


I'm Don the primary Zemax License and installation specialist. Bootcamp is not compatible with the softkey licenses as the license ends up in an invalid state when rebooting.You would need to use Parallels, vmware fusion or virtuabox on the mac to run Windows and Opticstudio instead. Be sure to transfer the license off of bootcamp first. Save the transfer code for use after you setup the alternative. 



Info on Apple machines and softkeys:



Transfer information:


Thanks for the prompt response, I'll set up with VirtualBox.


Many Thanks

I recently updated my windows and now I am having trouble opening Zemax. It says the key is not working. How could I resolve this issue? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank You.


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This may be sort of related to the Bootcamp issue.

Is the license still showing up in Zemax License Manager but it gives a “key not working” or “key not found” error when starting Opticstudio? If so, you may just need to transfer the license away to our server and  just immediately use the transfer code on the same machine.

If that doesn’t resolve it or you cannot successfully transfer it away, please attach a screenshot of the below linked page from your licensed machine and I can see the license status.


If the license doesn’t show up at all, let me know.