Zemax file Versioning

  • 7 July 2020
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I would like to know the versioning of Zemax file, for e.g. if I am working on a project, when it's done I will save it as a Sampleptoject.zmx, if I will do changes in the Sampleptoject.zmx, then how can I automatically save it as version1, version2, version3 and ....so on ?

Present I am saving it manually.

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Hi Sravan,

Thank you for your question. The subject of version control comes up from time to time, and this would be an example of that. At this time there is no means to do what you are asking about. I think you could write a macro for it, and then you could use F9 to run the macro. You'd have to select your macro to be the run that is run, though, and re-select it manually each time you run a different macro, so I don't believe it would be faster to run the macro than to just save it and change the number as you are doing now unless you just don't use ZPL often, in which case the F9 would pre-select yours each time after the first time. Otherwise, my recommendation is to continue making the manual changes.


Kevin Scales