Why I can not see anything on the detector?

  • 20 April 2021
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Is there any problem with configuration of scattering surface?

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Hi Slava,

Unfortunately, we cannot load your file. What you have sent is a ZMX file type which contains the Non-Sequential Component Editor prescription only. Any source, DAT, spectrum, or CAD information is not included with this file type. Please attach a Zemax Archive (ZAR) file instead! You can generate this file type through the Save As dialog within OpticStudio.

Regarding your question, are you activating ray splitting during your ray trace? If the detector you are using is supposed to be catching scattered rays, then you will need to be sure the scattered rays are considered:



You can use the same settings within the layout to try to track the direction of your rays:



Let me know if that helps. Otherwise, please send that ZAR so we can take a closer look!