Using more than 1 TOLR operands?

  • 28 July 2020
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I am currently optimizing a camera lens for as-built performance, and this has required me to use the TOLR operand for optimizing for as-built performance. However, I am wondering if more than one TOLR operand can be used? As of now, I have been optimizing with the TOLR Data = 2 (estimated as-built performance), and the TOLR value right now is 0.100 RMS WFE, with the nominal WFE being 0.058. If I were to add a second TOLR operand with Data = 0 (estimated change in RMS WFE) to use concurrently with the first with the same weighting as the first TOLR operand, would this help at all with reducing both the total as-built estimate and the estimated change, thereby improving production yield? Or would it just give OpticStudio more to compute and not work as intended?



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