Uncategorized Paths in PAF (paths analysis file)

  • 14 December 2022
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I want to check my understanding of the “uncategorized” entry in my paths analysis results below.  The way I read this, the output is limited to 10k paths and 8.6% of the flux is associated with path numbers beyond 10k. 8.6% is greater than the total relative flux associated with the first 10k paths. So, what I think this is telling me is that there are a lot of paths, each carrying a very small amount of flux and they really add up.  Since I’ve sorted the paths by total ending flux, the relative flux associated with each path listed is still valid, correct?  I just want to confirm that all flux associated with the listed paths is accounted for.

Going into the settings for this output window and adjusting the “relative minimum flux” doesn’t seem to make any difference, even if I increase it all the way to 1.   So, that doesn’t seem to be working.  Is that because I didn’t save the zrd file?


Flux In      :       1.40000E-01     (watts)
Flux Out     :       1.30764E-02     (watts)
Rays         :      4723073
Branches     :      615015393
Maximum number of paths exceeds 10000. Use a filter or increase the minimum flux threshold to elminate some paths.

 Path#         Flux Out        %            Branches    Object      Sequence
        1.19955E-02      8.5682      614023082     Uncategorized    
     1      5.60538E-04      0.4004          93213      35      36      37      38      39      40       2      40       37      36       3    
     2      2.17924E-04      0.1557          37099      35      36      37      38      39      40      30     38      37      36       3    
     3      2.08502E-04      0.1489          30487      35      36       2      36       3    

and so on….




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Hi @Donna.Waters !

I tested the Relative Minimum Flux setting on a file where I studied straylight.

The help file says:

So this setting works with the ZRD file. It seems to keep all the branches where the energy at the end of the branch is > Relative Minimum Flux x start energy. And we can see that the Flux Out is reduced. But it is not added to the uncategorized path… which version are you using ?

I then did the same on the PAF file and it is not working. I guess the PAF file doesn’t contain that information. I’ll check.