Tol operand TSDX is invalid. Under multi-configuration control.

  • 8 July 2020
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I recently finished optimizing my objective lens to two different configurations, but when I ran the tolerance analysis, I saw I had some work to do. So I thought I'd optimize again with my tolerance data using the TOLR operand in my merit function but Zemax tells me 'Tol operand TSDX is invalid. Under multi-configuration control.

Is there a way to keep multi-configuration (as I'm optimizing for two configs) and use TOLR in the merit function and with TSDX in the tolerance editor?

4 replies


Hi Matthias,

What you are experiencing is normal, as a parameter cannot be modified simultaneously by the Multi-Configuration Editor and the Tolerancing routine. As a matter of fact, this error message is not specific to TSDX or TOLR, you can also see it with other operands when trying to run a tolerance analysis in a file having multiple configurations. The typical workaround is to replace the tolerancing operands triggering this error with TMCO, which allows you to directly specify a tolerance on any numerical value in the Multi-Configuration Editor.

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Do you know what is the multi-config operand I should use that is the equivalent of TSDX?

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Since the usage of the default TSDX surface decenter tolerance is being blocked by the multiconfiguration setup, if you want to keep the multiconfiguration arrangement, as Alessandra as suggested, you'll need to remove the TSDX and use TMCO instead to directly tolerance a multiconfiguration operand that controls the surface decenter. If you don't currently have an MC operand that controls that surface decenter, you can change the surface type to Irregular, add an MC operand PRAM to point to the decenter value and then use TMCO to tolerance this decenter value. It'll look something like shown below.   

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Hey that's pretty slick, I'll give it a try! Thank you both for the help and thanks for the picture.