The problem with API's IAS properties

  • 27 April 2021
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I want to use API setting FieldCurvatureAndDistortion.

But IAS properties is not FieldCurvatureAndDistortion properties.

Its like the image below.

What i can do?



2 replies

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Hi Sheng-BO,

What language are you using to connect to the API? It looks a bit like Excel. If it is a language that connects to the API using COM instead of .NET, then it could be that the intellisense is not reporting the full information. The Field Curvature/Distortion analysis has a full IAS interface as provided in the ZOS-API Syntax Guide here: ZOSAPI.Analysis.Settings.Aberrations.IAS_FieldCurvatureAndDistortion Interface Reference.

I inspected the Field Curvature settings interface in Matlab, and have confirmed that all settings are available, as shown below. Note: you can right-click the image and open it in a new tab for a higher res view.



You should be able to use any of these settings in your own code. For example, to change the value of Maximum Curvature, you would use a command similar to this: Curvature_setting.MaximumCurvature = 20.0

Let us know if you have any trouble with this!



thank you