The light is not reflected properly

I want to build two identical parallel optical systems with multiple structures in sequence mode and then make the two light paths intersect at the end through the reflection plane, but it is found that the light rays do not follow the reflection law on the last plane mirror, why is this



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Hi there! Although its quite difficult to comment on the issue with the given info but according to my understanding one needs to give the tilt and decenter to the components in the same order. So I would suggest you to carefully optimize the position and tilt of preceding and succeeding objects of your plane mirror.


Thank you for your reply and I'm sorry I didn't give you enough information. I did simple structural attempts to reuse tilted surfaces or tilt them directly but still found similar problems. Here are the Settings and results.

I would like to know what causes this, thank you very much.



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Hi Pumpkin,

I am not sure on what you are trying to do, but a few comments might help.

In the layout above it appears likely that the reflection law is obeyed, but the point of view in the 3D layout makes it appear otherwise.

The layout appears to not match the LDE in that the signs of distances in the LDE are not negated after the mirror. Negating distances after a mirror in necessary in order to model the reversed ray travel.

The best way to set up systems like this is by using the Add Fold Mirror tool in the LDE menu bar. I suggest reviewing the article How to Model a Scanning Mirror. Also, look up the Add Fold Mirror tool in the help system.

I attach an example. If you have further questions I suggest you attach your design as a ZAR archive file within a ZIP file. You can create the ZAR file using Save As. The ZAR file will let others see your design just as you see it.


Thank you so much,David.

I didn't understand the coordinate discontinuities well, and your answer really helped me,