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  • 19 January 2022
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I am new to straylight analysis in OpticStudio, and would like some recommendation on which module(s) on the “Illumination & Stray Light Learning Plan” to take:

I will likely be doing ghost and straylight analysis on small refracting and catadrioptric objectives for Earth-observation cameras. I will also need to design baffling systems.

I am pretty sure I won’t need the “Illumination systems: optimization and tolerancing” module but I am not sure if I would need all the other modules to fully understand the last one, “Stray light”, which will be definitely the most useful to me.

Thanks for any comment on this.




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Hi Alba

Hard to tell, I guess it depends how confident you are in non-sequential mode. If you are, you can probably skip some modules but I suppose that there are some important concepts in Polarization and Ray Splitting and Non-Sequential settings.

You can also have a look at this series of 3 articles: Introduction to stray light analysis - Part 1 to give you an insight on what you learn in the straylight course and see if that is easy for you to follow.