Polar detector analysis

  • 7 December 2020
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Hello all,

I am using the polar detector to analyse the steering angle. I using a collimated source, diffuser and polar detector. I am facing the following problem.

(1) While analyzing the data, steering angle varying with varying the number of analysis rays and the pixels. why it is happening? How shall we decide the number of analysis rays and the pixels in annular and radial direction?

(2) How can we decide the angles in the analysis window of the polar detector?

(2) Only for the tilt about the y-axis, I am able to save the data points. For the tilt about the x-axis, I am unable to save the data for the tilt, instead of tilt, it's saving the data points for 0 degrees angle. Why it is so?

Can anyone please help? It will be great to hear any response from anyone I will be very thankful.


Best and Regards,

Faheem Ahmad


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