Please improve image insertion for posts

  • 21 November 2019
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Please improve the functionality of image insertion in forum posts. I have managed to figure out how to do it much of the time, but the process of inserting an image, sizing it, and previewing the result is still clumsy and error prone.

Just now, it seems to have broken for me. (Or I have fallen into some error condition.)  If I try to insert an image, the dialog I get offers me a field to input the URL for the image, but no facility for browsing for an image on my computer. In years of forum posts, I have NEVER wanted to post an image I found at some URL. The images are always on my computer, and usually some image generated within OpticStudio.

Posting images is a really good way to communicate. Making that process easier would enhance the forum experience and increase participation.

Kind regards,


4 replies

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Hey David,

The terminology is clunky in one place: Browse Server really means 'browse any machine you want, including your local machine'. Just hit the Image icon:

then 'browse server'

and then just pick the image file you want:

Job done!
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Thank you, Mark.

But I am afraid I need a little more help. I encountered this when I tried to edit a post I had made earlier. I deleted and image and then tried to insert a new image. Here is what I see:

In this case, there is no browse server button and I can't find a way to get one.

Kind regards,


Hi David,

That's a legitimate concern, and we're currently working on imporving your experience with the forum. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's one way to edit the images of your post.


  1. In your thread, scroll down to the Post a reply section, and press the Image icon

  2. Browse your image as described by Mark above, copy the link provided, and cancel the reply

  3. Return to editing your post, and paste the link in the URL text box of the image properties

Let me know if this works for you.

Kind regards.
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Thanks, David. I'll stay tuned.