Optimization Constraints for image position of certain field and wavelength

  • 14 January 2022
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Hi everyone, I am trying to design a dispersive system which requires that the image points of certain wavelengths at certain field positions coincide on a surface, i.e. are focussed on the same spot.

To be more precise: If have 3 field positions (in the plane of dispersion) and 3 wavelengths. In the system, which is de facto a mirrored spectrometer, 400 nm at field 2, 550 nm at field 1 and 700 nm at field 3 must coincide on the image plane.

How can I include this requirement in the optimization function?
I couldn’t find any solutions here or optimization parameters in the help screen.


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You may want to try adding the REAX and REAY operands to the merit function to direct the chief rays from each of your three fields to the desired (x,y) location on your image plane (i.e., you insert three REAX operands and three REAY operands, each weighted to one, with appropriate target coordinates, then optimize).