Modeling of Semrock filter coating

  • 17 January 2023
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I try to model the filter coating according to data from The table I include to the coating file is attached. ZEMAX says that this is a bad coating (nonsec. mode, NSC shaded view window). The filter is tilted y to -45 degrees relative to the incidence collimated beam of multiple wavelength from the range of 671-930 nm). I try to use the angle in the table 45, -45 and 135. The result is the same - bad filter. Please, tell me what is wrong in my filter model (attached file).


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2 replies

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Hi @Elena.Sokolova ! 

The coating file is sensitive to formatting, so I would recommend opening your file in a text editor like Notepad++ and compare your format against the COATING.DAT file that is provided with OpticStudio.

I did it and we can see differences in terms of data separators and also you are missing Ars Arp Ats Atp at the end of your lines:


I have made the format modifications and now it works:

I have attached the modified file.

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Dear Sandrine,

Thank you very much, your file works.

Best Regards,