magnification in both x and y direction

  • 26 July 2021
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I have a question about zemax which I couldn’t find it anywhere and I am hoping you could answer me.

I am trying to find the magnification of a telescope spectrometer in both x and y direction. I know the PMAG and AMAG for the system, which I am assuming is the magnification in y direction, do you know how I could find the magnification in x direction?


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The merit function operands REAX and REAY can be used to determine the x and y coordinates of an arbitrary ray on any surface, including the image surface. The ray is defined by its normalized field and pupil coordinates. For example, Hx=1, Hy=0, Px=0, Py=0 defines a chief ray in the YZ plane. Together with general math operands, this can be used to calculate the lateral magnification in the X direction, or in any other direction.