Lens material in Terahertz spectral range

  • 1 July 2021
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I need to have a telecentric lens at terahertz spectral range (wavelength of 500 to 900 um). According to the documentations, the best material in this range is ZEONEX E48R. However, in ZEMAX, in the catalogue of E48R (and the whole ZEON.AGF catalogue materials) the maximum available wavelength is 1.6um. It is strange to me, since I have seen in numerous documentations that this specific material is used in ZEMAX in terahertz spectral ranges.

I have two questions in this regard:

Am I looking at the wrong catalogue or do I need to download or update this catalogue myself? If that, where should I find the related data or documentation for it?

Also is there some other material that I could use instead of ZEONEX E48R that is supportive of terahertz spectral range? How can I find its related parameters to add for ZEMAX catalogues?

Thanks a lot in advance for your time.

4 replies

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The ZEON.AGF file is provided by ZEON. If you look at the Materials Catalog, pay attention that the latest version of E48R is from 2017:

The maximum wavelength is 1.5um though.

So on our side, we can contact Zeon and see if they have any updates to send us. 

To find other materials in that spectral range, I have shared two Matlab scripts that you can modify. Once is selecting materials of a specific transmission and the other is listing all materials. But I'm afraid we don't have any integrated research tool for the time being.


Did you ever get any update to the ZEONEX E48R?  From what I could find, it does not look like it has good transmission past about 2 um.  What kind of materials in any of  the standard Zemax catalogues are good for THz modelling?  100 um+?  I can’t find any materials past about 30 um.  

Thanks for your responses; I actually read a couple of papers which used ZEONEX in THz submillimeter range for the lens material, and my main purpose from creating this topic was to get an opinion on how is it possible to define the required properties at 600um wavelength for this material.

My main task is to define a telecentric lens in Zemax for a THz imaging system. For that, I need to define a material which can be realized both in simulation and in experiment (because I will also build the setup after successful simulations). And I believe there has surely been many previous works in defining a lens material in Zemax at THz submillimeter frequencies; Can you name any or tell me how to proceed?

The material does not necessarily have to be ZEONEX. I just suggested it since I saw in different papers that it is the material of choice. I am just looking for something that can be realized both in simulation and in experiment at 600um wavelength (around 300-500 GHz).


Thanks again for your responses.

What I do for things like this is the following.  I have a glass catalog I created called MyMaterials.agf.  Here I can put in “materials” or glasses that I modify, create, or extend from what is either nonexistent in Zemax or already given in one of the Zemax standard catalogues.  So for the Zeonex, there is a definition for these in the  Zeon.agf catalogue, but they don’t go up to very long wavelengths, like what you want.  I have found additional data on the material online.  For example, for Zeonex at zeonex cyclo olefin polymer cop thz transmission - Bing images or here TYDEX THz Materials (tydexoptics.com) for transmission data out to 2 mm.  You can enter additional data in the Materials Catalogue by clicking on the Transmission tab.  I then save this to a new material in the MyMaterials catalogue I have (I call it MyZeonex).  Ideally you can also get some index of refraction data for the wavelengths you want