Layout zoom gets stuck

  • 12 September 2023
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It randomly happens that zooming by scrolling gets stuck and does not work any more. It usually happens when coming back to the layout window from another window (being it an editor or an analysis tool). It never happens while working on the layout window itself.

“Reset zoom” does what it is supposed to do, but still zooming by scrolling is disabled.

A solution I found is to temporarily switch to Classic view and then switch back to Graph view.

Is anyone facing my same problem?

4 replies

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I have also encountered this. 

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Then there is the occasional bug where suddenly 3D layout looks like I just turned on the hyperdrive.



I’m also finding the 3D layout freezes, most often when I’m updating a parameter in another window, haven’t yet noted exactly what does it most regularly. It started in my last update of Zemax OpticStudio and is still in the newest Ansys R2 I’ve just switched to.

My best workaround is to clone the window. This keeps my settings and gives me back the working 3D layout.

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It has definitely happened to me a couple of times since I updated to R2.00. Everytime I ended up cloning the window as @James.Parker is saying. I couldn’t identify a pattern that was causing the issue though.