Issue adding new material to catalog

  • 30 June 2020
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I'm having an issue adding a custom material into the catalog. I have index of refraction data taken at several wavelengths and I'm following the knowledge base article 'Fitting index data in OpticStudio' (

After using the glass fitting tool under Material Tools in the Libraries ribbon, I upload my index data and I'm presented with the text window that shows my fit Sellmeier or Schott coefficients. I can find my glass under the catalog with the fit coefficients, but there is no value for Nd or Vd. And when I look at the dispersion diagram under Materials Analyses, it's just a flat line at zero.

What step am I missing to correctly add this custom material?


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2 replies

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Hi Matthias,

The wavelength needs to be defined in microns not nanometres. If you change your refractive index data so that the wavelength is in microns, this should solve your problem.



Thank you much! That did the trick!