ISO Drawing Problem

  • 8 July 2019
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After having opened a lens file I sometimes want to check one or the other ISO drawing, which had been created with this file in the past. I proceed as follows: in the GENERAL Tab I click LOAD, select the ISO drawing of interest and after it has opened I click APPLY. Most of the tolerances appear correct but the shape of the lens not. OK, then I go to the GENERAL tab again and select the correct start surface for that lens. Now the shape looks better BUT - the 2nd radius of curvature flipped from plus to minus. So I now have a plano-concave instead of a plano-convex lens...

Of course, this can be corrected by applying "Reset from LDE" but now my manually defined AR coating for that surface, which was not input in LDE, disappears...Manually defined coating was also the reason for unclicking "Automatic" in the associated surface tab.

Anybody with similar experience?

Best regards, Dusan

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Hi Dusan,

Thanks for posting this! We've been able to reproduce the behavior you're discussing and are now actively investigating the issue. There does seem to be some discrepancy in the sign of the radius of curvature when using "Load" to bring in an .XML file for the ISO drawing tool. Once we have some information to share regarding an explanation or clarification, we'll certainly follow up with a post on this thread. Thanks for your patience on this! If you have any more questions, please don't hesistate to continue the discussion here or send us an email at Thanks!

- Angel