Inquiry on Analyzing Large-Scale Metasurfaces Using Zemax: Find the focal point along z direction

  • 27 February 2024
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I am currently engaged in the design of large-scale metasurfaces and am interested in utilizing Zemax to evaluate their performance. I came across a reference that seems to align with my objectives:

My specific inquiry pertains to the possibility of conducting a scan along the axial (z) direction to accurately locate the focal point. I have observed that the actual focal point of the lens appears to be displaced, and manually adjusting the numbers to shift the image plane's location seems to have its limitations.


Furthermore, I am interested in generating a plot similar to the thick curve depicted in the figure from the publication by Pedro Carpena and Ana V Coronado (2006, Eur. J. Phys. 27:231). This visualization would significantly aid in pinpointing the precise location where the metalens achieves optimal focus.

Could you advise if there is a specific function within Zemax that facilitates this type of analysis, or suggest an alternative approach to address this challenge? Your guidance would be immensely appreciated.

2 replies

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Hi minjeong,

The graph desired by you can be plotted using 1D universal plot (Available in analysis ribbon bar).

You can choose the X axis as thickness of the last surface of your design for conducting a scan along the axial (z) direction and use suitable operand like RSCE, RSCH, RSRE, or RSRH (Details are available in help file for these operands) to read the RMS spot size. At best focus RMS spot size will be minimum amongst all other Z direction scan.

Settings and resultant graph is attached below...




Hi @Chandan.Maurya,

Thank you for your reply. I’ve already tried that before. But it keeps showing that “some of the operands cannot be computed!”.

I’ve attached screenshots of it! I’d appreciate your help!

Thank you so much!