I would like to know the error of how I set the Gaussian source.

  • 31 January 2023
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I want to design a Gaussian beam (laser, coherent source) with a divergence angle of 0.3 mrad, i.e. 0.3 mm (FWHM) at the 1 meter point.


w0(1/e^2) = 0.8493218 x FWHM

When using the above formula, the beam size (1/e^2) at the 1M point was calculated to be approximately 0.510mm.
Using this value and the wavelength of 13.5nm, the Gaussian source's beam size and position were calculated and entered.


However, when I place the detector at the 1M point, change the Detector viewer's Data from incoherent irradiance to coherent irradiance, and use the FWHM macro, it appears to have 0.22mm.


I used the FWHM macro below.

ZPL Operand: Extract FWHM from non-sequential detector | Zemax Community


which part of my method is wrong?


If possible, can you share the files you designed?

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