How to tilt & denceter a component without disturbing other components?

  • 16 March 2023
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Hi all,

I have a question regarding the tilt and decenter specific elements without changing other components in an optical system. For example, as the 1st picture shown below, we have many mirrors tilted certain degrees, now, I would like to tilt the M1 mirror only, but still make the rest mirrors stay at the same position (not tilt and dencenter at all), but definitely, their size may change due to the tilt of M1 mirror. However, when I tilt M1 mirror, the rest system also change as shown in the second picture, if anyone can help me out for this problem, I really appreciate!

The corresponding Zemax file also attached below for your reference if you would like to modify it for me!

Thank you!


1 reply

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Instead of stop surface (1st surface in your design), make the image surface as "global coordinate reference" in image surface setting. 

X tilt need to be adjust in 3D layout setting to get desired view after making image surface as global coordinate reference.

Zemax file is attached, please let me know if this is relevant to you.