How to set a model for imaging at two object planes and form images on one image plane but two virtual images

  • 20 January 2023
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Recently, many research and development are on multi focal plane image for head up display.

It needs to build an optical model to simulate the case below:

  1. There are two object planes (usually two optical paths);
  2. Need to for images on one image plane (eye box)
  3. form two or more virtual images in front of a car.

Usually, the sequential lens editor of zemax opticstudio is set for modeling a system with one object plane and one image plane. Could you any experienced staff tell me how to set such a  model for simulating multifocal virtual imaging of Head up display.

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Hi @ruik.Zhang,

To model this in Sequential mode, you will need to create a Multi-Configuration design where you can redefine the object fields and optical paths for each configuration: Using Multi-Configuration Operands to control parameters in a single configuration system – Knowledgebase (

Also, in case it is helpful, there is a very interesting Knowledgebase article on modeling a heads-up-display: Which tools to use when working on a Head-up-Display? – Knowledgebase (

I hope you find this information helpful.