How to fix the order of lenses when optimizing?

  • 2 February 2024
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Hello there, I am still a new learner to Zemax.

I have an optical system of 7 lenses focusing collected light from a telescope onto an image plane. The goal is to make the RMS radius as small as possible. Whenever I set my parameters to variable and optimize, Zemax will change the thickness variable after my lenses to negative, rearranging the order to an impossible configuration. I am wondering if there is a way to fix the distances to be positive and keep the sequential order? Thanks for any guidance. 


Best answer by Andrey.Pravdivtsev 5 February 2024, 15:15

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Use MNCA/MNEA operands in MFE to control air spaces between lenses.

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If you are using the Optimization Wizard, there are Boundary Values options that can set minimum and maximum values of the thickness for glasses and air gaps. The minimums are done with the MNCA and MNEA operands that Andrey mentioned above. A minimum of 0 will keep the thicknesses from going negative. I would suggest going to the help page titled ‘Constraints on Lens Data’ to get a full listing of the various constraint operands available to us for these kinds of questions.