Geometric MTF in NSC Mode

  • 20 January 2023
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Hi again Zemax peeps,

I’m a little confused about the announcement on the Geometric MTF calculation in NSC mode. Has anything changed in the feature? It’s been in the code for ages.

I’m confused because Geometric MTF is still available in the Detector viewer, but it computes as 1 for all spatial frequencies. Is this a bug or a feature? Are NSDD data items -14 and -15 (x and y MTF at specified spatial frequency) affected? Do they return the actual MTF or just 1?


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Hi @Mark.Nicholson!

It is the same feature. I believe our product team wanted that feature to be more visible for our users.

There is still an option in the Detector Viewer but it is recommended to now use the analysis. 

The Geometric MTF option should still be working in the Detector Viewer. I can’t reproduce your issue on the Cooke Triplet non-sequential version. Do you have a way to reproduce it? Sorry I am probably missing something there.