Field type of spatial variant PSF

  • 5 January 2023
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I am trying to extract spatial variant PSF(svPSF) from my lens system.


I have a questioin about svPSF and feild type of the opticstudio.


The svPSF are caused by the positsion of the light source which is not on the optic axis.


The posistion of the light sourced is necessary to me.


I want to know the relation between position of the light source and the values of the field.


I set “real image height” as the field type, but another field type can be good if the posistion of the light source can be easily estimated with it.


Thank you.


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Hi @sh0815kang,

If you want to define the Object Height exactly, i.e. the light source coordinate, you should use the Object Height Field Type. By choosing this definition, you can set the Y (or other dimensions) distance in Lens Units: