Displaying IsoLux Lines

  • 22 June 2022
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One of the big short comings of Zemax display window is that you can’t display Isolux lines (or any other contour Iso line such as Candela).  IsoLux lines are used in a variety of different industries from Automotive to Street Lighting to show areas meeting a given illumination level but for some reason Zemax think they are either not needed or too difficult to implement.  At the moment I have a display window that in False Colour just looks like it is 90% yellow/green and I need to show my customer the area that will have greater than his specified minimum lux level.  Can anyone recommend a free (or cheap) graphics package that can take the text output from the display window and show IsoLux lines?




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Hi Andrew,


I’m assuming an “IsoLux” line is just an isoline in your detector viewer, is that right? This is something you can do with Python (free, open-source) or MATLAB (if you can afford it). For example, you can parse the textfile output with Python and use the MATPLOTLIB library as demonstrated in this article. The textfile generation can also be automated via the ZOSAPI, which can be embedded in your Python script.

If you show us an example of textfile and expected result, I can help with the programming.

Take care,