Detector Color Setting in NSC

  • 15 November 2023
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Hello @Mark.Nicholsonand ZEMAX engineers,

I am comparing the color detector results of my file to your NSC projector tutorial in Youtube:

Projectors Part 6: System Performance - YouTube

I found that for the same filament settings (with 5m rays and normalized lumen 1) as yours, and detector dimension+pixel. My simulated results (top three figures) are very noise compared to your simulation results (bottom three figures). 

I saw in your video that you only used the normal Ray Trace. I am puzzled now how to improve the results or there is a mistake in my setting…(I have tried to increase the simulated ray numbers, it helps a bit to smooth the plot, but never as smooth as your level with only 5m rays)

I have included the NSC files for your reference. Thank you in advance!



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I’m away from my PC right now so I can’t check, but see if Sobol Sampling of the source is on. Otherwise I’ll look at it Friday when I’m back

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Hello @Mark.Nicholson ,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, the Sobol Sampling is by default turned on. 

The number of rays on your detectors are ~960k, and my numbers are in the 700k range. But I do not see this will make a drastic difference in the plot uniformity.

Please kindly check this if you are available. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Hello @Mark.Nicholson,

I think I have figured out the which setting made such a difference. 

In my original color/spectrum settings. I selected wavelength from 0.38 to 0.78 and the number of spectra is 3. When I increase the spectrum to 7 or higher, I can see my simulated results of color detector became smooth with 5m rays and sampling method set as Sobol. 😅 Thank you for directing my attention to the source page, that I started to pay attention to the spectrum settings. Have a nice day. 

Please change this question to solved. Thanks. 

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Glad I could help - Mark