Design a projection system with two or three lenses



I want information about how to create and optimizate a projection system with two or three lenses. Every time I try to use one model already done I can not find a good solution (I am a begginer), each parameter I modify the merit function is not computable or the result have a big RMS spot size. I would like to have a document which creates the lens from zero and explainning all the steps.  



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Hi Domingo,

A projection system is really just an imaging system turned the other way round, so the object conjugate is a short distance from the lens and the image conjugate is a long distance. Other than that, it’s not really fundamentally different to any other imaging system. I’d recommend using Object Height as the feild definition, and float-by-stop as the aperture definition. Use the Optimization Wizard with whatever criterion you’ll use to measure performance, and a REAY operand to set the image size. You will probably need to turn ray-aiming on as well, if the stop is buried somewhere inside the system as it usually is.

Check my Where Do You Start video and others.

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Thanks @Mark.Nicholson , the youtube session was really helpful.