Combine two sets of field in one image plane

  • 19 January 2023
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Dear All, 

The goal is to design a projection system using multi lens array (3x3) system. In this system ,for each lens there are separate sets of field. Each lens (of multi lens array) form an image at a fixed projection distance.

I’d like to analyze and simulate all overlapping images on one single image plane. What will be the quality of combined image after overlapping. How we can model this in sequential mode in Zemax opticstudio

Please comment and share your thoughts.



2 replies

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Use the Image Analysis features and select Configuration:All to see all configs at once.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comment !

To make model the multiple sources to the multi lens array, I added the coordinate break after the Object 0 and made the system multi configurations using decenter in x, y to each lens of multilens array. Then I evaluated the image analysis features and selected Configuration: All to see all configs at once. but I could not see the overlapping effect of images. May you please correct me if I’m going the way forward in right direction.