Color rendering on detector surface

  • 27 January 2023
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Hello everybody,
I'm facing a color rendering problem on a rather complex electro-mechanical system, where I have several lights with different colors. Having to evaluate the light pollution of some details, I would need a rendering like the one generated by the color detector but with infinite focus or shaped according to the surface in question. I can't use the detector polar because it doesn't satisfy the geometric needs of the system. Do you have any idea about it?



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Hi @Luca.cellerino 

Sorry for the delay in the reply but I don’t see how this can be done in Zemax. Speos has some more advanced colour rendering features, so it might be something to look at. I can put you in contact with one of my Speos colleagues just to get a better idea. Do you have a sketch that shows what you are trying to achieve?

Let us know. Thank you!

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Hi Luca,

I think the problem is the “infinite focus or shaped” aspect.  Non-Sequential objects are inherently tesselated (pixelated) for all detection.  Just like you can't infinitely zoom in on a JPEG file without losing a lot of detail, you can’t zoom in on a (curved) object without the local region of interest starting to look like a giant a triangle.  

If you have access to the ACIS libraries, there is Maximum edge length feature which will limit the size of the triangle; a smaller number will mean a smaller triangle, more triangles per object, a larger memory footprint and a longer ray trace, but it will provide more “resolution” of the tesselation.  You can use Boolean CAD object to turn any native object into a CAD object to expose the Maximum edge length.  Then in the Type tab, you can check Object Is A Detector so the irradiance is recorded for each tesselated triangle.

Not elegant but might get the job done.