Circle spacing at the wavefront

  • 2 March 2022
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Good afternoon, dear colleagues.


I’m working with optical testing of the convex aspheric mirror. In the interferogram simulation I’ve got stripes like it is shown at the picture. There is a strange white circle at the edge of interference pattern. On the Optical Path figure you can see something like a break of the plot. Is it possible to fix this wavefront break?

I use Binary 2 surface to model diffractive optical element (corrector of spherical aberration). Perhaps, it’s an approximation error of the wavefront, because this surface use polynomials to set a phase shift.


Thank you for the future answers! 


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Those rays are not tracing, for an as-yet unknown reason. Try looking at the layout plots with lots of rays traced, to see what’s happening, or do a single ray trace with the coordinates of the missing rays to see what’s happening