Calculation of sag for aspheric lens

  • 22 December 2022
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Hi David,

Can you help me to calculate sag of aspheric lens?

Thanks a lot!




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Sag of an aspheric lens can be found in “Sag Table” report

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your answer!

Vendor requested for SAG value to manufacture an Aspheric lens, what is exactly data I should provide from Sag table.


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Aligning the manufacturing data with the vendor’s requirements is indeed very important. Some of these requirement can be specific to the vendor of your choice, depending on internal processes or manufacturing techniques.

The sag profile can be generated by the Sag Table - the step size (sampling) can be easily aligned on the vendor’s needs :

You can then save the table into a file.

Additional notes :

  • for aspherical surfaces, some vendors can directly use the aspheric coefficients. Those are listed in the prescription data, under Analyze/Reports/Prescription Data
  • for non-rotationally symmetric surfaces, the most convenient way to share data is then to use the point cloud data (PCD) format, under File/Export/Point Cloud
  • custom templates can also be generated from OpticsBuilder, to help you overcome the limitations of the ISO 10110 drawing standard. An example can be found in this article:
    OpticsBuilder drawing tutorial for Creo Parametric – Knowledgebase (

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