bug in POP text export

  • 16 January 2023
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Hi all, 

I have a question regarding the POP analysis. After calculating the POP in Zemax sequential mode, I save the POP result as a *.txt file where you have all informations. Aftwards I read the *.txt file via Python and do further analysis and plots.

In the header you see in line 9: Grid size (X by Y): 256 by 256 

But when I read the data grid beginning in line 17, I get a grid of [255 x 256]

Is the data grid incomplete in height by one row?


greeting, Johann


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Hi Johann,

When I extract the POP data from the .txt file, I get a matrix with the proper size (e.g., 256 x 256).  Here’s what it looks like in Excel:



The total number of rows is 272 - 17 + 1 = 256 (i.e., rows 17 to 272, inclusive).




Ok I see, reading this table via pandas needs a lot of argumends such as names to set the column names.