best way cancel MF calculation in NSC

If I have 1e8 number of rays and have MF. then click occasuonally “local optimization” 

zemax start calculate MF. it consume lot of time (hours)
plots have special button for stopping it at any time

is here way stop MF calculation without “alt+f4”?

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What’s wrong with using alt-f4 to cancel?

In general though, set your Analysis rays to a lower value until you are ready to optimize, then you won’t get such a long time to calculate the MF. 

I’m also curious about why you need 10^8 rays. I prefer to use Sobol sampling and a smaller number of rays when optimizing. Can you share what it is you are trying top optimize? Such a large number of rays seems unnecessary for optimization.

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 restart program with current interface relative long. sad this is only 1 way.

I dont need optimization at all, but sometimes occasuonally press wrong button.

if dont work each day with software memory about hot key become not so sharp

What’s wrong with using alt-f4 to cancel?