Beam Propagation

  • 13 April 2022
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I'm simulating a system consisting of a laser beam that hits a surface 1 meter away, the beam once reflected will go into the receiver (located near the laser). As you can see in the attached image the return beam is " stopped" and does not continue in the direction of the sensor. How does this happen?


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Hi @biand1,

Apologies on the delayed response to your question.

Without looking at your file, I’m just making a guess, but it looks like the reflected beam makes a small angle with the surface. This angle over an entire meter is likely significant enough that the ray completely misses your detector (and source). Since the ray then shoots off into space, OpticStudio stops drawing the ray since it is meaningless after Surface 1. Try adjusting your system such that the ray is reflected directly back at the source/detector.