Beam Displacement in Physical Optics Propagation

  • 23 September 2019
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I am trying to simulate a system that uses a Acousto-optic deflector to introduce an angle so that we can scan the beam around a few mm range. 

I am using a diffraction grating to simulate this in Optics studio but when I use POP to analyze the beam, it seems to always display in reference to the beam center, regardless of the actual displacement caused by the beam angle. 

Is there some way to have POP show the actual location of the beam? Maybe it is something simple I am missing.

I attached a picture in case my question was not clear. the orange highlighted surface is the surface that I am looking for the displacement at. 

Thanks for your help and sorry if this is a silly question!


2 replies

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Hi Matt,

You can see the reference for the center of the beam array in the ''prop report'':

You can also use a merit function like the one below to read the intercept of the center of the beam with a designated surface. 

In the following, I read the x and y coordinate on surface 2 with POP, and with raytracing (they give the same result)

All the best,

Hi Matt,

Another way of thinking about this is that the POP Beam array is always centered on the chief ray. The data inside the array is something else. If the centroid of the beam is located at some (x,y) then it is located at that (x, y) shift relative to the chief ray


_ Mark