Atmospheric Modeling / Optical Turbulence

  • 4 June 2021
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Hi everybody,


I want to model turbulence in my Zemax model but it is unclear to me how exactly to do so. I’ve tried using Grid Phase as some members of your forum have suggested, but have not come up with a valuable solution (I changed shear distance to be -1000 with no effects observed).


I think I’m supposed to have some sort of external .dat file that I’m support to implement within this Grid Phase, but I’ve never heard of an atmospheric modeling program that generates such files. I don’t even know where to import it into, and whether I should be using multiple Grid Phases or not. I want to model the Hufnagel-Valley Cn2 profile in my simulation.


I’ve also tried using Atmospheric, but even with extreme zenith angles, my beams don’t seem to be deflecting.


Can you assist me in making this possible?

1 reply

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Hi David,


There is a forum post on this subject you can find here:



Additionally, there is another KBA article here for lenses, but could be used for turbulence: