3D Layout gets stuck [Ansys Zemax 2024 R1.03]

  • 29 May 2024
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3D Layout gets stuck after a while and does not respond to mouse scrolls or clicks. Anyone else facing this issue in 2024 release ?


Best answer by Sean Turner 29 May 2024, 14:41

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4 replies

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Yes, this is still an issue for me as well. I also notice the workaround I mentioned in your previous topic is very slow now. I have a non-sequential model that can take 7+ minutes to load the 3D layout when I switch to the Classic tab, but only 3 seconds to load when I switch back to the Graph tab. 


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Just to add a data point, I have observed this on versions prior to 2024. At least on the 3D shaded view.


I filed a support ticket October 2023. #64230. Ticket’s been closed, a bug was filed.

Freezing started for me in Opticstudio 23.2.1, and continues to be a problem through to OpticStudio 2024R1.03 that I’m using now.

I clone the window and close the old one, but it’s extremely irritating. Next time will try the switch to classic view and back.

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I’ve been having problems with both the standard 2D Layout and the 3D Layout windows essentially locking up.  Hopefully this can be fixed in the next release.