NSC detector DLL

  • 1 June 2021
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How I can add spectral sensetivity to detector in NSC mode? 

Can I make DLL detector with this feature?

2 replies

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Hello Aleksandr,

I do not know of a way to make a Detector Rectangle wavelength dependent. But you could put a window in front of the detector and use a Table Data Section in the coating file to define a wavelength-dependent transmission for the window. The Table Data format for a coating is an interpolated function of both angle and wavelength that can be customized. The window can be very thin, and in fact made of air. A Rectangular Volume could make a suitable window placed just in front of the detector. The wavelength dependence can be made to approximately match your graph by a suitable set of data entries. Interpolation between entries is linear.

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Hello Aleksander' 

Is it possible to rely on NSQ the calculation of radiation intensity at the Ghost position,  because the beam profile is not uniform or gaussian 

This is not something you can rely on 

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