Mie scattering from a single water droplet

  • 18 November 2020
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I am attempting to model mie scattering for a single water droplet illuminated by a laser beam (monochromatic, collimated, and planar) and see the 'rings' on the detector varying with particle size. There is already a similar post: https://my.zemax.com/en-US/forum/threads/6bfbee5f-a5fd-ea11-a815-000d3a36886f , but no solution was reached.

My current setup features a 'source ellipse' as the light source and a single 'Sphere' object as the water droplet with DLL Defined Scattering enabled under the Volume Physics tab. This much I have learned from the Zemax knowledgebase article entitled 'How to simulate atmospheric scattering using a Mie model'. My question now is what values for density and mean path should I enter in the MIE.DLL section under the Volume Physics tab?

Suppose I start with a 10 micron diameter water droplet and I place the detector 500um (0.5mm) away from it, what density and mean path values correspond? Or is there a better approach?

Thank you in advance.

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