I tried to create a dll file by compiling grin.c, but Windows SDK 7.1. was not installed.

  • 11 March 2023
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I want to compile DLL

but, I couldn’t download and install window SDK 7.1.

There is a message that
"this feature is disabled because required .net 4 framework is not installed"

as the result

 ".NET Development" cannot be selected. when i proceed without selecting it, "Installation Failed" will be appeared. Have you ever solved a problem like this?


Best answer by BT.Park 12 March 2023, 07:01

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I deleted and reinstalled the visual studio and the problem was solved. I used visual studio 2022 in a window 10 environment, and when I followed this link, the compilation was completed successfully.

I knew I didn't have to install the .net4 framework.